On November 20th, 2014 we were brought into an augmented state of confusion. Social Fiction by the Amsterdam-based PIPS:lab is an interactive multimedia performance in real-time, breaking boundaries between theatre, cinema, painting and video games and even music. It is a glimpse of the future where all boundaries between realities are diffused.

“…raw, expressive, visually stunning and interactive multimedia performances…PIPS:lab”TEDxAmsterdam

PIPS:lab originated from the dark corners of the Amsterdam underground party scene. Over a span of 10 years, they conquered theatre, pop and art worlds. They use the latest technologies mixed with their own self-developed tools and software to bring digital representations of ourselves to life in an altered form, some could say absurdist forms. As their name states, they’re a lab and are often figuring out solutions to the glitches that occur every day with digital media, therefore their shows are constantly evolving. With Social Fiction for instance, they went through three revised show instalments (Social Fiction, Social Fiction 1, Social Fiction 2).

The year previously they performed Diespace 3.0, the “first online community for the dead” at the historic Theatre Junction where some of us were present as well. They followed that up with a workshop with a focus toward theatre, realizing your surroundings and playing with some of their custom tools.

“…techno-savvy artists with a playful sense of homor and a talent for creating audience interaction that doesn’t make you want to hide when they move toward you.”The Pittsburgh Tribune

The founder of CAMP Festival, Bram Timmer, hosted an artist talk with the Dutch performers directly after PIPS:lab’s Social Fiction in a multidisciplinary arts “culture club” evening/setting that was graciously sponsored by Digital Alberta and the Ad Rodeo Association. With attendees spilling over from the performance as well as students and artists from various disciplines joining us for some free tapas and plenty of cocktails, we made it a successful evening of art and new media mixing.

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